​What I have experienced 

In my early twenties, I visited London and by chance had my first massage.  Traveling by myself, I was feeling a bit stressed and out of place. I had been hesitant to try massage but was so glad I did. The atmosphere there relieved my body tension, completely changed my mood, and but an idea in my mind that was to color the rest of my life. 

It was a moment that I will always treasure.  I feel it was a gift that showed me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I knew I wanted to create a studio like that.  It was a fact I absolutely adore and never forget.  

 My profile
 My profile
​professional  healer


Started my carreer as a masseur
Established a company aurabodyworks ​
Health medical academy

there's a way

date of birth  /  1978.12.17

gende​r           /   Male

nationality  /  Japan

hometown     /   Kanagawa, Yokosuka

favorite words /   Where there's a will,

role model    /  Michael  Jordan

​Lymphatic drainage  - First class